The guest house

La Font Vineuse was originally an old factory which used to bottle naturally carbonated spring water, but after renovation has been converted into a bed and breakfast spa. The original water source still remains.

A little History:

At the Font Vineuse, the natural mineral water can be classed as some of the oldest known.

After the romans, around the XIII century, the monks from the ‘Abbeye de Lérins’ who’s tombs (now located in Livron) were found during the construction of the railway in Veynes, exploited this natural source of Notre-Dame at the Font Vineuse.

In 1443 a parchment found in the‘Abbeye de Lérins, mentions that many miracles have occurred at the Font Vineuse. A chapel was built so that people could give thanks for these miracle’s(“rendre grace au ciel pour ces miracles”)